Simona Paolacci Ph. D.

Role: Researcher

Simona Paolacci graduated in Environmental Sciences from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and she has a research master in Environmental Monitoring and Restoration. After completing her PhD in plant eco-physiology at University College Cork, Simona worked for three years as a post-doc in the same college. Simona developed a phytoremediation system to treat aquaculture wastewater whilst producing a valuable, protein-rich plant biomass. She is interested in investigating how the environmental factors affect morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristics of plants and in optimising growth conditions to maximise the production of useful biocompounds. Simona is also interested in aquatic ecosystems and plants restoration ability. In general, she enjoys using plants and algae to solve environmental issues. Simona strongly believes that we need to develop and start using sustainable, plant-based technologies to produce food, to clean natural waters and to reverse the global warming. Plants are the best!