Past Events

Aquaculture UK Conference 2017

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The Aquaculture UK Conference 2017 takes a refreshing and exciting look at the issues to be addressed in the further development of the UK aquaculture industry. The conference offers a valuable opportunity to network, meet decision makers and plan the future of the industry.


  • Accelerating Production Innovation
  • Practical breeding and genetics for the aquaculture industry
  • Health and welfare of fish and shellfish in culture
  • A Global Perspective
6th International Society for Applied Phycology Congress

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In 2017 the scope of the 6th edition of ISAP congress is to appreciate the huge phycological biodiversity and the diversity of its biotechnological applications through the prism of a new and promising industrial sector in full development. The Congress will include speakers and posters presentations, exhibitors and for the first time a BtoB session to meet the right partners.

Seaweed Industry Workshop

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  • Dates 27th June, 2017
  • Location National Maritime College of Ireland,

SeaRefinery will develop eco-friendly chemical and enzymatic processing technologies to extract and purify high value-added components such as antioxidants, antimicrobial components and hydrocolloids from cultivated seaweed species (e.g. Saccharina latissima) in an integrated biorefinery. Bioactive compounds, e.g. phlorotannins, fucoidan, and laminarin, will be selectively tested for bioactivity. In addition, laminarin and marine proteins will be tested in nutraceutical and selected food model systems. Alginate will be tested as additive for textile applications via coating and extrusion technologies. In order to maximise the value of the biorefinery feedstock (input) and derived products (output), we will grow monocultures on innovative textile cultivation substrates with high yield biomass production. Seasonal variation, replicated over two years, of the selected biomolecules will be a measuring tool for harvesting the seaweeds with maximum contents of bioactive compounds. 

This workshop will bring together industry professionals to discuss the project’s approach to seaweed cultivation and the concept of seaweed biorefineries and the generation of valuable end products. 

"Winning in a Changing Environment" - BIM National Seafood Conference 2017

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A must-attend event for Ireland's seafood professionals this conference will offer:

  • a speaker line-up of leading seafood industry experts and commentators;
  • a dynamic conference programme with a strong focus on sustainability;
  • the latest thinking and policies shaping Ireland's opportunity in the global seafood industry;
  • a range of practical workshops where knowledge will be converted into real action for industry.

This will be Ireland's premier seafood conference for 2017 and it is an essential business meeting and networking date for anyone active in Ireland's seafood sector. 

HPRA 3Rs Conference

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The HPRA is the competent authority in Ireland responsible for the implementation of EU legislation (Directive 2010/63/EU) for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. The principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) were developed over 50 years ago as a framework for humane animal research. They have subsequently become embedded in national and international legislation regulating the use of animals in scientific procedures. The section within the HPRA specifically responsible for the implementation of the Directive is called the Scientific Animal Protection (SAP) section. The SAP team within the HPRA are committed to ensuring that the care and use of animals for scientific purposes is in line with the 3R principles. In order to enhance awareness of the 3Rs amongst the research community in Ireland and beyond the HPRA is planning to host a 3Rs information day on May 17th 2017.

International Cleaner Fish Summit

Event Details

  • Dates 8-10 May, 2017
  • Location 16 Richmond Street
    Glasgow G1 1XQ

The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF) and Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) invite you to an international summit on cleaner fish best practice.

Join a pan-industry audience from Norway, Scotland, the Faroes, Ireland and Iceland to hear the very latest in international cleaner fish best practice. Key themes will include deployment optimisation, health and welfare, and practical husbandry, with break-out sessions throughout the event to further exchange insights and develop ideas.

The International Pectinid Workshop 2017

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The International Pectinid Workshop has been a biennial event on the calendar of marine researchers from all over the world since 1976. The IPW is attended by scientists, students and industry members from across the globe interested in pectinids. It remains a traditional conference with a single main hall and no parallel sessions. The main aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers, industry professionals and students for networking and the dissemination of research and best practices. It has always been an important gathering for early stage researchers to communicate their work and meet established researchers from across the globe. With a relaxed social atmosphere, the workshop gives attendees the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. The themes of the conference reflects the main areas in which pectinid research is developing at present.

The AccliPhot team at their mid-term review meeting

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This 4-day conference will bring together the world-leading experimental and theoretical scientists in the field of photosynthesis and present a platform in which the research results of the consortium as a whole will be disseminated. The early-stage researchers are actively involved in conference organisation, further developing their organisational skills. Ample time for round-table discussions and networking activities will be allowed and a particular focus will be placed on the development of follow-up research projects. One evening is devoted to engaging the general public by holding a public evening lecture followed by a panel discussion.

Women and the Sea Symposium

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Women and the Sea Symposium will take place in the National Maritime Museum, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin on 25th – 26th September 2015, sponsored by UCD Earth Institute, UCD Humanities Institute, the National Maritime Museum of Ireland and the Atlantic Archipelagos Research Consortium.

The aim of the symposium is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the important roles that women have played, and continue to play, in marine and maritime culture, science, and industry. The symposium brings together researchers from the humanities, sciences, marine industry, art and heritage sectors and welcomes participation from all interested individuals and groups.

IPW 2015

Event Details

  • Dates 22-28 April, 2015
  • Location Galway, Ireland

The International Pectinid Workshop has been a biennial event on the calendar of marine researchers from all over the world since 1976. We have now come full circle in hosting the Workshop in Ireland; the very first Pectinid Workshop was hosted by Dan Minchin in Baltimore, West Cork in 1976, the 10th Workshop hosted by Gavin Burnell of University College Cork, in 1995 and now the third, hopefully not the last, returning to its green spawning ground. The 2015 Conference Organising Committee is composed of the Daithi O'Murchu Marine Research Station, the University of Bergen and the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen all of whom have extensive experience in scallop research. The IPW has been hosted in 12 different countries across the globe; its international relevance is attested by the 30+ countries that have been represented in the 19 previous workshops.