Duration 36 months
Funding Body European Research Area for Climate Services
Project Costs €3.19m
Number of Partners 12

The CoCliME (Co-development of Climate Services for adaptation to changing Marine Ecosystems) project will co-develop and co-produce bespoke, proof-of-concepts or prototype marine ecosystem climate services and a transferable framework for climate services development, to support informed decision making relevant to climate change-related ecological and socio-economic impacts across different coastal regions.

BMRS is involved in WP1 (co-development with users), WP3 (ecological and socio-economic impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems and their users) and WP4 (delivery and dissemination of CoCLiME services and transferable processes). The project is looking at historical data to project the long-term (in 10+ years) effect of climate change on coastal regions using modelling tools. In collaboration with the Marine Institute, we are in charge of the Irish Atlantic case study which focuses on Bantry Bay. Based on initial results, CoCliME is aiming to provide a climate service that will include model projections for the next 20 years on physical environmental conditions and expert opinion on how these changes might affect harmful phytoplankton and microbes.

BMRS has created questionnaires and surveys, and conducted interviews for engaging with different stakeholders involved in aquaculture in Bantry Bay (producers and processors), and have completed Engagement Points 1 and 2.