OSS2015 – Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015

Duration 2011 - 2014
Funding Body European Commission FP7 SPACE Programme
Project Costs €2,000,000
Project Co-ordinator ACRI-ST SAS (France)
Number of Partners 10
OSS2015 – Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015

The OSS2015 project aimed to address advanced biogeochemical products in the context of the current Marine Core Service (MCS; e.g. MyOcean). The project proposed to address these issues through a range of R&D activities designed to offer a set of solutions that shall benefit the MCS beyond 2015. The outcomes of the project benefitted both the upstream and downstream services of the MCS.

OSS2015 also analysed the social and economic benefits and value of the products and services generated by the project. The balance in the team was designed to cover the needs of both science users and users interested in more applied services. The project had a strong emphasis on dialogue and interaction with users to identify their actual needs and adapt the OSS2015 services accordingly whenever possible.