Julie Maguire Ph.D.

Role: Research Director

Dr Julie Maguire, research director of BMRS, has substantial project management experience.

Dr Maguire has co-ordinated and participated in numerous EC FP 4,5,6,7 projects. Dr Maguire acts as an expert advisor on several environmental matters and sits as a Vice Chair of Horizon 2020 (Marie Curie). Dr Maguire was awarded the Copernicus Masters Award from the European Space Agency for “Best service for European citizens”. Dr Maguire has successfully managed the research station since 2005 and is now driving the business to its new commercialisation goals. Dr Maguire is extensively published in peer reviewed and technical papers.

Luke Wilson

Role: Hatchery Manager

Luke Wilson has a degree in Marine Science from NUI Galway and an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation from Trinity College Dublin. He has a number of years’ experience in commercial aquaculture, having worked in barramundi farming in Western Australia and salmon farming in Ireland. He has extensive experience in fish health and the practical applications of cleanerfish, namely wrasse and lumpfish.

Priya Pollard M.Sc.

Role: PhD student

Priya is currently working on project entitled “Ensiled seaweed as an alternative biorefinery input substrate” and is a part of the Innovative Training Network (INT) AgRefine.

Ms. Pollard holds a MSc. Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management (ICOM) from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Marine Sciences Department and a BSc. Major Biology and Minor Environmental Biology from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Silvia Blanco

Role: Researcher

Silvia Blanco is a Second Year Aquaculture and Fisheries Master Degree student from University of Algarve. She joined BMRS in February 2018 and will carry out research on the structural and functional characterisation of high- value bio-active compounds from Alaria esculenta cultivated on long-lines in Bantry Bay as part of her Masters thesis. Silvia holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences and has participated in numerous environmental education projects in different countries addressing sustainable community issues. She has been involved in oceanographic campaigns and sampling methods regarding cephalopods and hake projects, demonstrating her enthusiasm for the sea and aquaculture. She is also an avid scuba diver. Silvia is very interested in sustainable aquaculture production, mainly in the seaweed field.

Dr. Alex Lubsch

Role: Researcher

Dr. Alex Lubsch holds a PhD in marine plant biomass from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He has several years of experience in seaweed ecology, hatchery, indoor and outdoor cultivation of green, brown and red seaweed species. He will proceed in his expertise and will focus on Asparagopsis armata hatchery and cultivation and the characterisation and propagation of high-value bio-active compounds. Alex has also been involved in many aquaculture and sea-fisheries programs, ranging from bivalve physiology, shrimp migration to marine fish farming campaigns. He is very interested in ecologically sustainable aquaculture, especially seaweeds and integrated multitrophic aquaculture systems.

Lucía Bascoy Otero

Role: Researcher

Lucia Bascoy Otero, research scientist. She holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela and a Masters in toxicology from the Official college of chemists of Sevilla. She joined BMRS in January 2019 and is currently carrying out research focused on the impact of ocean acidification in mussels’ development. Lucia has been involved in several environmental volunteering programmes regarding forestry and awareness-raising about climate change as well as 2-years experience on toxicological research. She is interested in environmental toxicology alongside sustainable and ecologically respectful manufacture strategies.

Simona Paolacci

Role: Researcher

Simona Paolacci graduated in Environmental Sciences from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and she has a research master in Environmental Monitoring and Restoration. After completing her PhD in plant eco-physiology at University College Cork, Simona worked for three years as a post-doc in the same college. Simona developed a phytoremediation system to treat aquaculture wastewater whilst producing a valuable, protein-rich plant biomass. She is interested in investigating how the environmental factors affect morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristics of plants and in optimising growth conditions to maximise the production of useful biocompounds. Simona is also interested in aquatic ecosystems and plants restoration ability. In general, she enjoys using plants and algae to solve environmental issues. Simona strongly believes that we need to develop and start using sustainable, plant-based technologies to produce food, to clean natural waters and to reverse the global warming. Plants are the best!

Jennifer Hurley (BA)

Role: Accounts

Jennifer is BMRS Finance Manager. Jennifer received a BA in economics from University College Cork in 1996. She later part-qualified in Certified Public Accounting in Griffith College Cork. Jennifer has over 20 years of SME financial management experience.