Julie Maguire Ph.D.

Role: Research Director and Manager

Dr Julie Maguire, research director of BMRS, has substantial project management experience.

Dr Maguire has co-ordinated and participated in numerous EC FP 4,5,6,7 projects. Dr Maguire acts as an expert advisor on several environmental matters and sits as a Vice Chair of Horizon 2020 (Marie Curie). Dr Maguire was awarded the Copernicus Masters Award from the European Space Agency for “Best service for European citizens”. Dr Maguire has successfully managed the research station since 2005 and is now driving the business to its new commercialisation goals. Dr Maguire is extensively published in peer reviewed and technical papers.

Fiona Moejes Ph.D.

Role: Researcher

Dr Fiona Moejes is the micro- and macroalgae Principal Investigator at BMRS. Dr Fiona Moejes carried out her PhD research investigating the role of bacterial communities on large-scale cultivation of the microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum. This was followed with a role as the Project Manager for the Marie-Curie ITN “AccliPhot”. Thereafter, Dr Moejes had a Post-Doctoral research position investigating the use of synthetic microbial communities for biotechnology industry at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Dusseldorf, Germany. Her interest lies in the building and strengthening of the relationships between academia and industry for the commercial-scale cultivation of both micro- and macroalgal cultivation, its harvesting and processing techniques.

Cat Smith M.Sc.

Role: Researcher

Cat joined BMRS in 2013 after completing a degree in zoology and a masters in marine biology in UCC. She enjoys practical work and working outdoors, including setting up trials and caring for any fish and shellfish we have on-site. She is currently involved in the commercialisation of lumpfish production.

Dave Evans

Role: Technician and urchin hatchery specialist

Before joining BMRS Dave was a technician in University College Cork. He has also worked at the sea urchin hatchery in Dunmannus Bay. His current role at the station involves animal husbandry, the day-to-day management of the equipment, and the culture of sea urchins and microalgae.

Daryl Gunning M.Sc.

Role: PhD student

Daryl Gunning is a PhD candidate whose main area of interest is the research of sustainable food production methods. He is currently working on the development of sustainable saltwater based food production systems, with a focus on applying ecological based principles to marine food production, such as with Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) and marine aquaponics.

Remi Chausse B.Sc.

Remi joins BMRS from ISA Lille School of Agriculture and Bio-engineering in Lille (France). He is carrying out his master thesis at the station on the evaluation of the effect of temporal evolution and processing techniques on the concentration of high-value bioactives in the brown macroalgae Alaria esculenta.

Vitor de Almeida Pontinha

Vitor is a PhD student from Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis (Brazil) working on novel feeds from macroalgae as a sustainable feed source for urchin hatcheries. He is spending nine months with BMRS conducting feed trials as part of his doctorate.

Jennifer Hurley (BA)

Role: Accounts

Jennifer is BMRS Finance Manager. Jennifer received a BA in economics from University College Cork in 1996. She later part-qualified in Certified Public Accounting in Griffith College Cork. Jennifer has over 20 years of SME financial management experience.