Deirdre McElligott

Dee holds an MSc in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing and an undergraduate degree in Zoology. Dee spent 5 years working in various marine mammal projects in Australia, including boat-based research on bottlenose dolphins in the renowned Shark Bay in Western Australia and aerial based surveys on all marine megafauna off the northwest waters of Western Australia. Dee has also worked on correlation of seabird and oceanographic variables using satellite data with University College Cork. With over 15 years’ experience in marine research, she has participated in EC FP6 & 7’s, INTERREG and numerous nationally funded projects. Dee is involved in a number of macroalgae based projects, including running trials for growing Asparagopsis armata onshore, and a study, commissioned by the European Commission (EC) to support the European Green Deal, this latter project is a study of Operational Research (OR) to potentially increase shellfish and algae farming and seabed restoration for decreasing the level of harming nutrients (recycling nutrients) and reducing greenhouse gas emission, while not affecting fisheries.