New Equipment to increase our capabilities

HPLC Installed
​Now installed and ready for use, our new UHPLC machine and new cell counter. The new equipment will enhance our ability to deal with various analytical challenges. We are looking forward to putting them to good use. UHPLC Cell Counter

Watch the Video - Lumpfish eggs just hatching

It has begun!!

SEATRACES Project meeting

SEATRACES project kick-off meeting was held in Vigo (Galicia-Spain), with the participation of 6 EU countries, with 19 partners and coordinated by the Food Biochemistry group of the Marine Research Instituto (IIMCSIC). Julie Maguire, BMRS research director is taking part of the project! The main objective of this project is to demonstrate that trac...
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YAS 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

The latest update from the organizers of the upcoming Young Algaeneers Symposium (YAS 2018).  First item is that the abstract submission deadline has been extended to April 20th . But we have more! We are so happy with the good reception YAS 2018 is having and we want to thank you for that. For that reason, we open two awards ca...
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Are biologically based plastics a realistic replacement for petrochemical plastics?

 Will petrochemical plastics be replaced by bio-plastics? A highly recommended article by Sylvia Thompson, in which Julie Maguire, the BMRS Research Director, talks about how they made bio-plastics products from seaweed and the importance of it ((as part as Seabioplas project)! Read the full article

Watch Julie Maguire's presentation from the EurOcean Event in Brussels!

Julie Maguire gave a presentation on Seabioplas at the European Parliament on the 22nd February.

Rural Africa could be powered using genetically modified algae, say scientists

Algae-powered fuel cells have the potential to provide power to rural communities that are not connected to grids Getty Images
Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent | INDEPENDENT Fuel cells powered by living algae that are five times more efficient than current models, have been designed by scientists at the University of Cambridge . It is thought they could one day be used to provide electricity to places where there is no existing electrical grid system, such as parts of ...
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The Organic Industry is Booming – Great News for Organic Seaweed!

The Organic Industry is Booming – Great News for Organic Seaweed!

Drivers for Organic Food Growth
Figures from the Soil Association state that you can now buy organic products from over 8,000 outlets, including major retailers. Research carried out by the Soil Association, shows more and more people are questioning the origin of their foods, and have concerns around production and trusting ingredients. Clare McDermott, business development director for the Soil Association states there are three main drivers for organic food

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Minister Creed announces Marine Institute funding grants totalling €3.3 million

  The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD, today announced the awarding of a total of €3.3 million grant funding though the Marine Institute to research projects in two areas - specialist marine equipment and Ocean Law and Marine Governance. Some 19 funding grants in total have been made in the area of specialist ma...
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The Current State of Seaweed: Part II

The growth of the seaweed aquaculture industry is good for the economy and good for the ocean. The process of growing seaweed is environmentally friendly. Apart from planting the seeds and ensuring the seaweed is in a clean environment, seaweed often does not need feed or additional attention. The plants can grow naturally. Seaweed farms also creat...
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This Edible Packaging Will Make You Reconsider Seaweed

This is the latest in a regular series exploring early-stage technologies and scientific developments that could play a role in corporate solutions to climate change. (The previous installments are here.) Email ideas and pitches to . Many Westerners don't include seaweed in their regular greens consumption unless they're sushi e...
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