Vet Services

Duration 31 months
Funding Body BIM
Project Costs €413k
Project Co-ordinator -
Number of Partners 1

The tender covers the use of the BMRS facilities to run any land-based tank trials. It also covers the use of the algal hatchery facilities. It requires BMRS to develop and carry out trials using our own initiative.

Impact of ocean acidification on bivalve ontogeny trial

Aim of the research project

The aim of this research project is to assess the impact of climate change related factors such as pH, salinity and temperature on development phenology and growth of bivalve species relevant to Irish culture. Larval rearing will be undertaken in incubators with environmental variables adjusted to the predicted levels (IPCC 2014 Synthesis Report) and controls that replicate optimum conditions. Larval development will be assessed weekly and environmental parameters kept constant and recorded daily.

Update May 2020

trocophoreNormal trocophore before treatment inoculation on the left vs distorted trocophore spotted in low pH treatment on the right.

d larvae mayNormal D- larvae in control treatment on the left vs D- larvae with protruding mantle spotted in medium pH treatment on the right both after 5 days in their respective treatments.


Update April 2020

larvae trapLarvae trap with 30µm mesh sievesthumb incubatorsIncubators with larval treatments


normal trocophoreNormal trocophore before treatment inoculation distorted trocophoreDistorted trocophore spotted in low pH treatment d larvaeD-larvae sampled in the second week of treatment in high pH and medium salinity treatment


Update March 2020

Ripeness assessment and tracking of adult mussels’ developmental stage.

female musselFemale mussel in redeveloping phase open on the left and oocytes loosely arranged in follicles on the right.

male musselMale mussel in ripe phase open in the left and sperm actively moving on the right.


Update February 2020

open musselOpened ripe male mussel with mantle obscured by follicles on the left and microscope gonad squash preparation full of active sperm on the right

thermal shock during a spawning trialThermal shock during a spawning trial

male spawningMale spawning


Update January 2020

Mussel developmental conditioning to assess Mytilus edulis gonad ripeness. Developing/redeveloping individual with the internal organs exposed on the photograph on the left (A) and relatively thick mantle with opaque follicles exposed on the right (B).

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